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About Guangchao

About Guangchao

Company Introduction

Mission Statement

Company goal

  • In the face of fierce competitions, we are glad to receive good ratings and recognitions from customers, and to thrive among competitions, because of our many years of hard work. However, we are never complacent and will continue to pursue higher growth. We keep the company grow in an innovative manner, and only through continuous R&D and process improvement, we can stabilize the quality, and stimulate growth. Our goal is to enhance our core strengths, continuous research and innovation, marketing, and strengthen the relationships with customers, to embrace the economic recovery and growth opportunities.

Management belief

  • Profession: to create a customer-oriented professional manufacturing company.

  • Integrity: production and marketing is well integrated putting customers in the first place.

  • Responsibility:production and marketing in one system.

  • Innovation:innovation through-out the product life cycle to continue the pursuit of comfortable and healthy living spaces.

  • Philosophy – practical and sustainable.

  • Partners Policy – profit-sharing to create win-win relationships.

  • Customers Policy – customer service is the top priority, and return to the community.

  • Quality Policy – strict control and quality assurance.

  • Technology Policy – following a tradition of innovation and reformation.

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