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About Guangchao

About Guangchao

Company Introduction

About us


  • Established in June, 1968(The original name was Xie-Jin Ironware processing factory and changed as Guang-Chao Industrial Company Limited in the year 1997).With 49 years experiences, every product is with high quality and technical lead. Regardless it is government agencies, private business, office buildings, all kinds of buildings, we all have professional and solid results in designing, manufacturing and installing roller shutters for them.

  • Guang-Chao strongly believes only the excellent services can obtain customers' trust and support from the construction industry.Thus, we are able to thrive in the never-ending competitions, and we look forward to your advices and business.

Company Size And Specialty

  • Guang-Chao is located in Zaoqiao, Miaoli County, near the Zaoqiao train station.The plant covers an area of 7,768 square meters, including the 5,454 square meters factory floor.

  • To set up the factory, Guang-Chao imported many different kinds of heavy machinery ( folding beds, shearing devices), or developed its own advanced equipment for each product's features.Guang-Chao commits itself to quality assurance by having its own professional R&D and well-established quality management system on the production process.

  • The mission statement of Guang-Chao is to meet customers' requirements, and provide excellent services to our customers.Our commitment to satisfy customers will never change.

Company Image

  • With its long-term R&D and experiences on the doors, and all the employees are dedicated to work, Guang-Chao is famous in the doors industry.

  • In order to reward many existing customers and develop potential markets, Guang-Chao has established the corporate image of using technology to transform life, and caring for the environment. We hope to create stable, harmonious, and win-win-win relationships among environment, consumers, and enterprises.

Company Information

  • Company name: Guang-Chao Industrial Company Limited

  • President: Mr. Hsiao, Yen-Feng

  • Taiwan company ID number: 16245699

  • Established date:Oct, 1997

  • TEL:+886-37-563-791 

  • FAX:+886-37-562-298

Taipei Branch

  • Address: 5F-4, No. 294, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Daan District, Taipei City

  • TEL: (02)2709-6133

  • FAX: (02)2709-2020

  • E-mail: (Business Department)

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